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Oakland’s Cheap Vegan Friendly Eats: Cam Huong


Situated in the ever claustrophobic China Town in Downtown Oakland lies the textbook definition of a hole in the wall.  As a self proclaimed foodie I nerd out on food next to my boyfriend who nerds out on Ebay car parts.  He half listens to me as I tell him of the various eats I want to try, and I half listen to his banter about all of the cup holders we have to buy for our new car.  Eventually I will find a jackpot and insist we leave the house within 10 minutes to drive to a new spot I have been researching.  Brendon begrudgingly gets away from his Ipad and begins to get ready for our excursion.  Though this is not to say he doesn’ love food as much as I do, in fact he is probably the only person that could stand to listen to me talk about food the amount I do!

Today it was Cam Huong, a Vietnamese Sandwich (Banh Mi) place.  When we pulled up we got a parking space right out front, which was soon blocked by the extreme double parking people we doing specifically for Cam Huong sandwiches.  We ordered 2 sandwiches (I got the Curried Tofu), some sort of eggplant dish one way, Brendon got the pork sandwich, fish patty, and egg fried noodles, ALL for:

photo 4

We went to the lake in Oakland and ate our lunch with the sun shinning and the wind blowing.  The food was incredible and we will surely be going back for prices from $2.50-$3 per sandwich.  I only wish there would have been more sauce and fresher bread, but for $3 I wasn’t complaining.  A new staple in my diet Cam Huong has a line out the door for a reason and many options to choose from.

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