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Back to Basics- Almond Milk


Does anybody else get stressed out when reading new cookbooks? No? I guess it’s just me…it just seems there are so many flavor combinations out there and so little time. I used to feel the same way about novels, we only have 365 odd days in a year and there is no way I can read 365 books in that time. At least I can cook 900 or so meals!

The holidays were wonderful, Los Angeles was beautiful, and had bay area weather the entire time I was home. I went out with my friend Amanda and talked about food, it made me realize the things I take for granted, the simple recipes that should be taught in schools but instead we are kept blind. Today on Back to Basics (TM) I will be demonstrating how to make almond milk. Almond milk is delicious, nutritious and easy to make.

And contrary to popular belief, I do not have a lisp, I just have an awful camera. Stho whatever. (And there is nothing wrong with having a lisp!)

You will need:

Cheese Cloth or nut bag

1 cup raw almonds

water to cover + 4 cups

pinch of salt

1 tsp agave nectar or preferred sweetener