Golden Flax Seed Egg Replacer



Of all the egg replacers in the world I think that Golden Flax Seed might just be the most magical.  The chemistry of eggs are quite different as they use proteins to bind, whereas flax uses polysaccharides.  As soon as the polysaccharides are hydrated, in this case with water, a gel begins to form that binds together whatever you are baking.  These polysaccharides are important in many baking applications even dairy related ones as they are found in everything from molasses to rice!

Some notes on flax seed:

  • This egg replacer should not be used for more than 3 eggs as it will give a distinct nutty flavor.
  • Flax meal will create a grainy texture if used in something that should be creamy as it will create flecks of flax within it.
  • Do not use the brown flax seed as it will create a darker coloring in your baked goods due to the darker hull.
  • Works great in tart shells, muffins, etc


To replace one egg:

First grind up the golden flax seed. I put about a cup of flax seeds in my coffee grinder and grind until a nice fine meal appears. This can be stored in the freezer for 6 months or in the fridge for about a month.  I take what I need and place it back in the freezer. When grinding in your coffee grinder put something in the grinder first, like corn meal, and grind. This will take away the coffee flavor before you put your flax in and end up with coffee flavoring in all your baked goods!

Take 1 Tbsp Flax Meal + 3 Tbsp water and mix well.  Let sit for 5 minutes until it gels. Your flax is now ready for baking!

Good luck!


About oakfoodie

I am a 21 year old dreamer, creative in the kitchen and passionate about food ethics. I recently moved in with my boyfriend and an extremely downgraded kitchen. These are my tales of the kitchen as I aim to make magic out of chaos.

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