In the News: UN urges us to go dairy and meat free


We all come to veganism in a different ways.  Some of us are trying to get healthier, while others have a moral reason. For years it was only extreme PETA spouting a message of equality for animals, which I admire and though have issues with their method. (perhaps in another post) This week however the silence of international collaboration at the United Nations ended. For the United Nations it came down to the effects that factory farming for meat and dairy are having on our climate.  I have read different reports and articles all stating that our livestock is one of the top three big hitters on our global warming.  In fact it is actually worse than all the transportation emissions in the world COMBINED.  The article was written up in the Guardian and can be found here.

This article coincided with an article I read in the Washington Post reviewing the ever growing frozen vegetarian burgers.  As you can see the reviewers found that each and every single brand of “meat free” burger actually tasted synthesized.  For me, eating is a pleasure that if we are lucky we get to do several times a day (sometimes I must admit I over indulge).  But just as the vegetarian market has already been commodified into the same processed foods as meat eaters, I am worried about the direction the vegan market is moving.  Every week I see new vegan frozen foods on the market processed to a pulp.  As we move into this new era where meat will become more expensive, I mean look at Chipotle’s new Northern California addition to their menu: Sofritas. They are using local Oakland based tofu company Hodo Soy, which is actually quite amazing. They stated that due to their rising meat costs it only made sense to put this on the menu (not to mention the huge vegan market in the bay area).  But as this idea spreads and companies like Starbucks, McDonalds, etc begin to commodify the vegan market it may be time to take a stand.  As someone who has dealt with vegan weight gain I know that not all vegan food is healthy, our butter substitutes are pure oil, and we still need to eat the correct food groups leaving the unhealthy stuff in moderation.

So with that, go eat more kale.


About oakfoodie

I am a 21 year old dreamer, creative in the kitchen and passionate about food ethics. I recently moved in with my boyfriend and an extremely downgraded kitchen. These are my tales of the kitchen as I aim to make magic out of chaos.

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