Midwest Part Deux


After finishing at the Chicago diner we hit the road to Minnesota to see Brendon’s family, on the way stopping to see my friends Jason and Sue who are now living there for artistic enterprises.  When we arrived Sue was in her studio so we drove downtown to see her ceramics inspired art piece. When we entered the studio there were art students in every corner working on their pieces due in a few days. Sue had been pulling nights for the past several weeks and was still unsure if it would be completed. Regardless it looked incredible, I hope the photos give some sense of the overall aesthetic. It’s always good to see friends who have moved away from the ever transient bay population. COME BACK TO OAKLAND! Maybe someday they will, at least after her masters program!


After several more hours of driving we ended up at Brendon’s mothers house. It was one in the morning and the house was empty as his mother would be arriving at the airport the next day. We settled in, had a cup of tea and fell fast asleep. The next few days were exhausting in the good way. I met Brendon’s entire family, enjoyed delicious food, and went to pick out Christmas trees. Where I grew up in LA everyone goes to a christmas tree parking lot, but not in Minnesota! In Minnesota you drive to a Christmas tree farm and look for a half hour for that perfect tree, they even give you a saw to cut it down when you enter the farm!


Here are some things I learned about Minnesota:

There are so many lakes, in fact they probably stretch the entire state without more than 5 miles between each one!

People are very friendly, as a city person I am used to a fake friendliness…I kind of miss the midwest for this!

It is the England of America, and has a very high Nordic population!

Minneapolis has a very art infused scene, with art galleries like the Walker and Art Institute where thanks to Brendon’s family we were able to see the Terra cotta warriors


After one last walk around the lake and a lunch at Good Earth Cafe we traversed back to Chicago. I am thankful to be in Brendon’s life and to see where he came from and the people that have shaped who he is as a person.


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